Top 5 ways to make money online for free!

So you want to make money online. Well I have been in this market for quite some time now and in this little blog post I am going to give you the websites i have used to make money online. First of I want to tell you that there is no guarantee that you will make money using these websites. You need to work hard and have fait in yourself if this is going to work. But you can handel that, can't you. 

So lets get to it. Here are my top 5 ways to make money online. 

If you are creative and like to make designs on your computer then spreadshirt is the place fore you. It is totally free, all you have to do is write in your email, username and choose a password. Then its good to go. On spreadshirt you can make designs that other people can putt on there shirts. when they buy a shirt with your design on you will get paid. It's as simple as that. You can also make your own shirts that other people can buy from you. And the best thing is that you decides how much you will get. Also check out my shirts if you want to https://shop.spreadshirt.se/Sall?noCache=true

Shorte is a url shortener website. This means that you get a link. Any link at all. Then you let the website shorten your link. After that you copy that link and putt it wherever you want. When people click on the link they will come to a little ad window. They then have to wait a few seconds, then they skip the ad and you get paid. You will see how it is for a visitor when you press on my link. So don't worry, it's no big deal if you don't understand right now. This website pays you about 8 dollars pers 1000 visitors.

3. Adf.ly
Adfly is the same thing as Shorte but on adfly they can pay you up to 9 dollars per 1000 visitors. But on Shorte you can shorten every link you can find. On adfly there are some links that cant be shortened. 

Ajiboye is a pay per click affiliate program. This means that you will be paid for every visitor you send to that website using your own URL. You will be paid 0,1 dollar for every singel visitor you send. Thats 100 dollars for 1000 visitors. But it does not end there for every thing that person buys you will get a 1-5% commission. Isn't that just perfect. 

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